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Who is that strange man? Hitting horses; Town centres

Published: Saturday, April 16, 2011

Who is that strange man? 
In the Kidwelly Coop this week a seven year old studying a tin of Royal Wedding biscuits was heard to remark “Look, there’s Kate Middleton; who is the man with her?”

Hitting horses 
The deaths of two horses in the Grand National has again raised the issue of animal welfare. There can surely be no justification for the “use of the whip” in horse racing. Let’s call it “hitting horses” and see how we feel.

Town centres 
This week I was shocked when I saw Llanelli town centre. I lost count of the number of charity shops and there were numerous empty shops to let. It is all very shabby and down at heel. We used to bemoan the fact that chain stores were making clones of our town centres, now we’d be glad to have them there. When I came to Wales, forty years ago, folk used to travel from Pembrokeshire to shop in Llanelli. Now Llanelli folk don’t shop there.

Burns runs the pet shop in Carmarthen market, where most of the small traders are experiencing tough times. How does the Council help? By insisting that individual display boards and street signs are removed to be replaced by a communal board. Surely the essence of a town market is its individuality?

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