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The dogs meet the new family addition

Published: Friday, April 4, 2014

I had stayed in the hospital for a few days after Huey’s birth which had allowed my husband to take home a blanket that had been wrapped around him. The dogs had been very interested and pressed their noses as close to the blanket as possible, presumably to get as much information from the smell as possible. Hopefully the smell of a baby that was also scented of my husband and myself let them know it was nothing to be concerned about.

When all three of us got home from the hospital I knew that they would be excited as they hadn’t seen me in a few days. Whenever I’m away from home for a few days, I’m usually working at a dog show and return home with either a tasty treat or a toy each so they do tend to expect something. I entered the house by myself to begin with to be greeted by their full body wags, excited barking and the occasional jumping up (something we are still working on!) and then two noses stuck to me for a good sniffing! They forgot to check for their new toy/treat as they were much more interested in why I smelled different.

Once they had calmed down, my husband brought Huey in. We were ready with bits of chicken to offer them while they sat with us to meet him for the first time. Huey slept in my husbands arms while Indie and Hugo sniffed at his blanket and his feet. Having a new baby in the house didn’t seem to bother them at all, they were just pleased to have us both back at home.

The biggest surprise that they had and something we couldn’t prepare for were all the new noises. They were a little wary to begin with, especially when they first heard him crying. They initially thought he was hurt whenever he cried and their endearing looks were very sweet. They would come closer and closer while he cried to make sure he was ok. They gradually got used to his noises and realised that they were too regular to worry about! Once their routine resumed, they were happy to go for a walk with Huey in the sling and they realised that I was now around the house a lot more which they absolutely loved. 

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