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Stiff muscles; counting birds; keeping warm; profits for vets

Published: Friday, December 3, 2010

Stiff muscles
On Monday night I came out of retirement; four-a-side football for an hour in the local hall.  Since then I have hardly been able to move.  I’ve got 82 hours left to recover before the next session.

Counting birds
Bird-watchers in the area are taking a real interest in what’s happening at Penlan farm. One twitcher reported 800 linnets and 150 skylarks.  I don’t know how they manage it.
I can’t get the birds to stay still long enough for me to count them.

Keeping warm
I marvel at how some of these small birds make it through the night in this weather.  They are so tiny, they have practically no body mass to generate the heat required by their surface area.  I throw away about 5 kilo of bird food each day when I walk the dog.  Millions of people feed wild birds and get no financial return for their trouble. How does this fit in with the theory on which our economic system is based that people always act in their own selfish interest?

Profits for vets
I missed the original article in the Veterinary Times newspaper which called on vets to counter negative publicity about dogs and dog breeding.  The writer pointed out that if people didn’t have companion animals there would be no need for vet practices to service their needs.  This prompted an interesting letter which suggests (no doubt tongue in cheek) that the profession should be promoting in-bred pedigree dogs as they generate more revenue for vets.  “Vets need diseased patients in order to get rich and healthy mongrels won’t do the trick”

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