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St David’s Day: Skiing

Published: Tuesday, March 1, 2011

St David’s Day
Today is St David’s Day when, I thought, all Welsh people have a leak (or is it a leek?) I’ve been corrected; it’s males who have the leak; females have a daffodil, although Sarah told me she had a leak in the cupboard.

Last week I was introduced to a quaint Welsh word by my nephew Kevin who is not at all Welsh.  Can you guess the meaning of ‘popty-ping’?  The clue is “popty” means “oven”.  Welsh, of course, is an ancient language and as they didn’t have a word for “microwave” one had to be invented. My friend Rob told me that it was coined by his friend Tudur, twice winner of the Bardic chair.  Rob reckons that Tudur only needs to win a Bardic sofa and he’ll have the full three-piece suite.

Several Burns’ have been on a slippery slope recently. To be precise, several slippery slopes.

Our sons have been skiing in St Anton in Austria. Grandson Jack and I are just back from a week in Canaze, in Val de Fassa in the Italian Dolomites, where we met up with my brother and his family. This was Jack’s first taste of skiing and I was slightly worried that he wouldn’t fancy it. On the last day he said he would like to live there so that’s all right then. Young ones take to it so easily. All children should have the chance, not just the privileged ones.

I’m not sure if I like skiing. It’s hard work and if you forget or lose something like a glove or mask it can ruin your day, but it reminds you that you are still alive. It’s also dangerous! I stop for a look down a steep slope and think I’ll never get down that; but you have to go.  I’ve got no technique; I go downhill like a crab but I rarely fall.  If I tried to do it properly I know I’d be on my face.  
I only fell once during the week and that was on the last run of the last day when a 7 ¾ year old called Jack crashed into my back and we both went down.

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