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Speed cameras; Cwmdu Inn; Crufts

Published: Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Speed cameras 
Some time ago I wrote about speed cameras. Many people (especially Tory MPs) complain that they are simply another way of raising money from the poor, hapless motorist and that it is somehow underhand to use a machine to catch lawbreakers.
I don’t have much truck (no pun intended) with those arguments. I try to stay within the limit and I last got caught for speeding in 1988. This week this took a turn for the worse. Coming home from our skiing trip last week a camera fired off as I came through the next village, Trimsaran. It was nearly midnight, a steep downhill, concentration a bit low. Perhaps there was no film in the camera? But no: the letter duly arrived: 35 mph. Into every life, even the most virtuous, a little rain must fall now and again.

Cwmdu Inn
Last Friday evening, following a tip-off we went into the Welsh hinterland. There was a folk evening in the Cwmdu Inn. This is a very old-fashioned pub, run by volunteers and part-owned by the National Trust. The website says there is a shop, post-office and restaurant but I missed them in the dark. The music was very folky, a bit too traditional for me, what my late aunt used to call “Come-all-ye”.

On the wall there was an advert for a Ploughing Competition at Esgerwen Farm on February 22, 1900.  The judges were Huw Pugh and Richard Richards. Perhaps David Davies had been given the day off.

You may have noticed that Crufts is on this week so I’m off for the rest of the week to do my bit. You might think it would be hard work being on the stand for four days but it isn’t. It  would be hard work if we had to listen to lots of complaints but we rarely have that.  We meet lots of Burns customers who are delighted with the products and service and that is really encouraging. See you there!
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