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Rebuttal; Feeding birds; Saturday night on the town; Good government? No room in the House

Published: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rapid rebuttal system
Like New Labour, I seem to spend a lot of my time on rebutting information which I think is wrong.
Readers will have noted my comments last week (April 15th) about the cat feeding trials which claim to show that cats can select foods which replicate their prey i.e. mice and birds. I’ve written to several publications which reported the press release. Pet Product Marketing has replied to say they will print my letter but somehow I don’t think the Veterinary Record will.

Feeding birds
Sales of bird food from our shop have gone down now that the winter has passed. I’m still feeding them and the birds are still out there in the morning waiting for me. This is the breeding season. They will soon be feeding young and I can’t imagine there’s a huge amount of natural food for them.

Saturday night on the town
On Saturday night I took my four grandchildren to the Hall where a fashion show was in progress. There wasn’t much on TV anyway, only Man United v Man City and Llanelli Scarlets v Munster. We sat down for refreshments but within 5 minutes I thought it was time for home. I did pick up one or two interesting comments. One outfit was “100% viscose”; no nasty natural fibres there. Another outfit was available in “various colours of black and white”. All in all it turned out to be a great evening. The fashion show was followed by dancing girls (little girls) and then a female singing duet. One did a solo of Leonard (Slash-your-wrists) Cohen’s Hallelujah which was just majestic. The children had a ball running wild and dancing.

Good government
Two weeks ago David Cameron gave a speech in Pakistan in which he said that British imperialism had a lot to answer for. Next day the British government went to the High Court to argue that torture of Kenyans by the British during the Mau Mau uprising was not our responsibility. That passed to the Kenyan government on independence.

Last week the Met police practice of ‘kettling’ protesters was declared illegal in a High Court decision. This week the British government was calling on the Bahrain government to allow peaceful protest by its citizens.

No room in the House
Former US President Ronald Reagan was notoriously lazy but you can’t say that about David Cameron. In the year since he became PM he has created over 100 new peers. The seats are all taken. I estimate that at £300 a day each for attendance allowance plus expenses that comes to something north of £10 million a year. What happened to his  austerity measures and small government?

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