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Published: Monday, December 19, 2016

Last week when I was on holiday in Tenerife, I wrote about post-truth/lying and how it’s affecting not just politics but the realm of pet food.  Due to a hiccup it has only been posted today.  Two days ago, on Saturday, Jonathan Freedland wrote a column in The Guardian on the subject of post-truth.  I have to admit that his article is much better than mine.  He writes,

Only in the political realm have we somehow drifted into a world in which no-one can trusted, not on questions of judgement, nor even on questions of fact.  But we cannot live in such a world.  Evidence, facts and reason are the building blocks of civilisation.”

But he did get one thing wrong.  He said that post-truth/lying is confined to politics and that we are happy to accept that there are facts in every other aspect of our lives.  As I frequently point out, and as recently as last week misinformation/lying is widespread in the world of pet food.  I’ve written to The Guardian but I don’t suppose they’ll publish my letter.

That reminds me, I did get a short letter published in The Guardian and I came across it at the weekend. On 22nd January 2009, following the US election, in response to a letter saying that [President] Bush is a nonentity once more – an irrefutable argument for democracy, I wrote, that the fact nearly 50% of the US electorate voted for Bush twice is surely an argument against democracy.  Trump’s election just confirms my point.

The Independent also published a letter I wrote back in 2012 on the dangers of raw meat for pets. Despite an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence to support the case against this, a handful of 'evangelists' preach otherwise. Another example of misinformation gone mad.  

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