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Phone hacking; Jibe; Football

Published: Friday, January 28, 2011

David Cameron has expressed “surprise” that the police have re-opened the phone hackinginvestigation.  If he was a regular Guardian reader he would not have been  surprised.  It’s been obvious for weeks that this story has legs.

A letter in the Carmarthen Journal from a local businessman aims a barely disguised jibe at Burns Pet Nutrition.  One or two heavy lorries a day come through the town of Kidwelly to deliver to our depot. I really want to keep the business in Kidwelly and for several years I’ve been trying to find suitable site for warehousing nearer the outskirts.

On my last approach to the planning department about releasing land for commercial use I was rebuffed because there already was adequate land allocated for the purpose.  The problem is the same business man owns it and is trying to get planning permission to build more houses on it. I feel a letter to the paper coming on.

Neil was upset that I criticised his footballing skills (see earlier posting this week).

I suppose he’s got a case.  I didn’t realise he once played semi-professionally and was offered a contract with Leicester City!  Is there no end to this man’s talents?

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