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PDSA pet health survey; Fussy pets; Bad eggs

Published: Friday, March 11, 2011

PDSA Pet Health Survey 
Fiona has pointed me in the direction of a PDSA report into pet animal welfare.  It’s at http://www.pdsa.org.uk/pet-health-advice/pdsa-animal-wellbeing-report . If you just want the highlights then this article is worth a look: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1362392/Animal-loving-nation-10m-pets-suffer-mental-physical-stress.html

I find it interesting that the PDSA says that pet owners who give leftover home-made food rather than commercial pet food are not looking after their pets properly, the grounds being that home-made food makes pets fat. That depends on the make-up of the home-made food. Besides, there are plenty of commercial pet foods which make pets fat.  As we are a nation of fatties perhaps the PDSA assumes that the pets are being fed on high-fat scraps. We need to start by reforming the human diet so that we eat more whole grains and vegetables and less meat and sugar.

Fussy Pets
In that vein, I’m forever being asked about fussy dogs. People don’t seem to grasp that the dog isn’t hungry and as a result they make themselves ill trying to get the poor dog to eat.

Bad Eggs
The Observer business section has a story about Brits who are trapped in Middle East states because they have incurred debts through investing in projects which have gone wrong. The main thrust of the item is that the British Embassy is not helping them. I can sympathise with anyone in trouble but these people have left Britain to make their fortune. They don’t contribute to the UK tax system. Why should UK taxpayers bail them out when it all goes wrong?

On that note, the British government has suddenly realised that Prince Andrew is a liability when it’s been obvious for years that he has the same moral compass as Mark Thatcher. His role as a business envoy is now subject to a “tasking review”.

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