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Why Neuter Rabbits?

unless you want baby bunnies every couple of months...

by Burns Team Writer

Rabbits are very social animals and like to be kept with companions. Male-female pairing is best, so neutering is essential unless you want baby bunnies every couple of months!

Neutering not only prevents pregnancy but also has numerous other benefits such as:

  • reduced risk of developing cancers
  • reduced infections in the womb in ‘does’
  • a calmer temperament
  • less of a tendency to fight
  • an increased chance of living a longer healthier life

In my experience as a Veterinary Nurse I personally feel all rabbits not being used for breeding should be neutered, even if you are keeping a pairing of the same sex. Neutering forms a vital part in forming a living and sustained bond with companions.

What is involved in neutering?

Neutering is a routine procedure carried out by a vet, your rabbit will have to have a general anaesthetic for the procedure to be carried out.

Males have their testes removed and females have their ovaries and uterus removed and this is known as spaying.

  • neutering in males can be performed when the testes descend at around 3-4 months of age
  • females are a little older at 6 months of age once they reach sexual maturity
  • after neutering males can remain fertile for three weeks so you will need to bear this in mind when bringing them home and reuniting companions

Entire rabbits have stronger smelling urine and are more prone to spraying their urine as a territory marker. This means house rabbits who are neutered are far easier to litter train.

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