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Litter Training Indoor Rabbits

by Burns Team Writer

Rabbits are wonderful indoor companions and are rising in popularity due to their suitability for indoor living. Part of the reason for this is the fact a rabbit can easily be litter trained.

I have put together some helpful tips on how to litter train your house rabbit.

Things you will need…

  • large low sided litter tray with no top
  • shredded paper – recycled newspaper will be perfect for this
  • a supply of good quality hay in a hay rack/hay feeder

What to do…

  1. Please a thin layer of litter in the bottom of the tray. There needs to be enough to absorb the urine but not too much to give a deep layer in the box. Trial and error will have to be used to see what suits your bunny best. So don’t worry if you have to make changes along the way.
  2. Rabbits will pass droppings whilst eating hay. For this reason it’s advisable to place a box of hay next to the tray so your rabbit can sit in their tray whilst eating. You will need to ensure your rabbit can only access the hay feeder from within the tray. If your rabbit is not used to feeding from a hay feeder then place hay loose in the floor. Then there is no reason why you cannot use the hay in the litter box itself over the paper layer of litter you have put down.
  3. During the early stages a small pen may be required to help with litter training. Confining space will allow your bunny to become accustomed quicker to their toileting area and this space can then increase once good habits are formed. In time if your rabbit has slipped out of good toileting habits, you can reduce the size of the space once again to get them back into good habits.
  4. Some rabbits have a preferred corner they like to use for toileting. When rabbits choose the same area time and time again, this is them indicating that they feel comfortable in this area and would prefer to toilet in this area. If this area is suitable for you then this will be the ideal place to have the toileting area.