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Published: Friday, January 7, 2011

This morning I received my brand new copy of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Register of Members.  I’m still listed thank goodness.  Also still listed is the man with my all-time favourite name apart from my own.  He lives in Zimbabwe and his name is Everard Cock.  As my father said “It pays to advertise.”
Mr Cock is now retired so he listed as a Non-Practising Member!

Sniffer dogs
I caught a few minutes of a TV programme about police dogs.  A Border Collie had been trained as a drug sniffer.  A squad of police officers and the dog were positioned at a London Underground station where the dog would wag his tail and follow certain individuals who were then apprehended.  It was like picking fruit but I did wonder what was the point as they had small quantities of cannabis for personal use.  Good PR for the police I suppose.

Raw meaty bones
The letters page of the Veterinary Times is red-hot with discussion about the raw-meaty-bone (RMB) diet.  One vet writes that dogs have only (only?) been domesticated for 16,000 years and this is too short a time for evolutionary change from carnivore to omnivore.  I find this difficult to accept.  Domestic animals do not evolve naturally; they change by selective breeding at the hand of man which is a much more rapid process. The food available to dogs has altered significantly since they left their wild status. Dogs have the sophisticated digestive system needed to digest and absorb cooked vegetables and grains.  They are adapted to a vegetarian-only diet.
Another RMB argument is that dental disease is more common on commercial food.  This is true but the mistake is to assume that all commercial foods are the same which they are not.

I’m not struck on darts but I stayed up until one o’clock this morning to watch the semi-finals of the Ladies World Darts.  Rhian Edwards who is from Kidwelly and is sponsored in a small way by Burns – her father Glyn lives and works on Penlan Farm -  won through to the final for the second year running against her more fancied opponent. Rhian came from nowhere and was a beaten finalist last year; in spite of that she was unseeded again this year.  In a repeat of last year’s final she’s up against the same opponent who has won the title for the last ten years on the trot.

We have a new lad on the farm.  His name is Christian and I was talking to Sian about him: family connections, had he been at school with our children etc.  Her husband Rob said “There are not many Christians around here.” That’s true; there aren't many Christians in Kidwelly.

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