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Molly and her classmates open bright pink hen hut

Published: Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To help people to buy more of their food from local sources we sell free-range eggs and seasonal vegetables from Penlan Farm through roadside honesty stands.  These are the same eggs and vegetables we use in our Penlan Farm complete moist food for dogs.

When we found a lovely handwritten letter posted in one of our honesty boxes we knew that we had to try and find the author.  With the help of the local press we finally located the mysterious Mollie and she turned out to be a local child who came to the stand every week to get fresh eggs for her family.

We contacted her parents and a few weeks later we were thrilled to be able to welcome Mollie and her classmates to Penlan Farm.  As well as seeing firsthand where the eggs came from, Mollie officially opened a new, bright pink hen hut which has been named “Mollie’s Den” in her honour.  As well as being a fun trip out this also gave Mollie and her classmates an insight as to where their food comes from.

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