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Meet Cato the Hovawart

Published: Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ceri Ward is the proud order of gorgeous #sponsoredbyburns Cato and has kindly taken the time to tell us all about him!

Cato is a 9 month old Hovawart (meaning guardian of the estate), a very old German breed used as watchdogs for big farms and estates. They were generally left to their own devices, and relied heavily upon a strong judge of character, which still is a dominant breed characteristic.

Training and characteristics

Kind but firm training is the only way - if you get it wrong, they will not trust you and they do not forget their first impression of a new person either! If you give them any reason to fear or even doubt you, they remember and it takes some time to win them over. They are not like a retriever or a spaniel, it is not their aim to always please their master, they are very independent and so creating a strong partnership is the only way. They have to WANT to work WITH you, so things must be fun for them too.

They are a very wilful breed, and definitely not one for inexperienced owners. Personally, I feel they should only belong to families who are keen on training and obedience, as they will run rings around you otherwise!

They are not dogs who like to fetch, it is beneath them - they look at you as if you are an idiot if you try! They definitely thrive on long walks off the lead where they can explore (and sample) all the delights of the countryside and, at least with Cato, his "piece of elastic" is pretty short, never straying far from us at all. 

Breeding and feeding

We got Cato from Helen and Nick Boisseau from Surrey, Quincebois is their breeder name. They are extremely conscientious breeders with an absolute passion for the breed, and ensure the utmost care goes into keeping the breed healthy and the bloodlines strong. Cato was from Freya's second and last litter, and his father is Boomer Vom Kesseltal from Germany. 

Burns agreed to sponsor me after I explained about Cato, and how after the food pretty much saved our last dog, a Rottweiler, from Pancreatitis. I have advised so many people when working at a pet food store to buy Burns food! I think Cato is a great example of how good the food is, he looks so well on it, and his focus is fantastic. We plan to train him up to do some CaniX, as my husband is a keen runner, and I would like to do some scent tracking with him too.

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