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Love Your Pet Day - Owners Share Their Heartwarming Stories

Published: Monday, February 20, 2017

To celebrate Love Your Pet Day, we asked our customers to tell us what their pet means to them. What followed was an overwhelming collection of pet companionship stories that made us smile, laugh and even cry.

Here's a small selection..

"Russell came from Cara Rescue Dogs where he waited almost a year to be adopted. I have never met such a positive, happy, loving and obedient dog in my life. He is a bundle of joy and enjoys everything with massive gusto. He's about 8 now and lives happily with me and my other little 14 year old terrier. He really is one in a million and the fact that all at the rescue centre still keep in touch with us shows that he makes his mark on all he meets." Sent in by Glenda Hayle


"Usko is impossible not to love. He has had such a terrible and painful life (being hit by a train and one hind leg severed and the other dislocated) but he is quite simply the happiest dog I have ever met. Just one tiny glance in his direction and his scruffy old tail starts waving." Sent in by Linda Payne.


"This little devil complete with a stolen oven glove is always so so happy and her zest for life is infectious. She loves everybody & everything. Life to Mila is just fantastic, this time last year she suffered terrible unspeakable abuse at the hands of her hunter owner in Spain & left for dead, she survived by a miracle only. Her full name is Milagro which is Spanish for Miracle. She is the light of my life." Sent in by Fay Mccallum.


"I adore my furkids because they keep me going. They're the reason I wake up and get up since my husband died in 2013. They listen to me cry and make me smile with just a simple look. Something no human could do." Sent in by Megan Smyth.


"This is Ralph, he is a Romanian rescue street dog and we have had him for two months now. In this time he has grown into a happy confident young man, which he certainly wasn't when we first had him due to the ordeal he's been through in Romania. He's at last finding out what its liked to be loved and cared for, and to live in a warm home, after coming from a country where it was -15. We still have a way to go but just in this short time it has been so special to see his transformation. He lives with our other dogs and has fitted in so well, its as though he's always been here. Love you little man." Sent in by Annie Hamil.


"I have three beautiful dogs that are loved and adored...But Chi came into our lives at a very difficult time. My husband died very suddenly at the age of 39, the children and I were devastated. Two months later I bought a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier puppy for the kids and it was one of the best things I've ever done. She fitted into our family perfectly and along with our other doggies they helped us all through such a traumatic time. Nothing compares to the love and utter devotion of a dog and we are blessed that Chi came into our lives when she did." Sent in by Lian Howells.



"I love my dogs because without them, life would be so boring! They make get out of the house when I could easily not move. They cheer me up when I am feeling down and never fail to make me laugh with their antics!" Sent in by Laura Burns. 


"These 3 cheeky faces make it worth getting up in the morning! Zeta, Jazz & Rags - love in small packages." Sent in by Margot Hollingsworth.


"I adore Pudding cat. He is loving, loyal and really handsome! His Mother, Treacle, came to me through a friend of a friend who was moving away, but unbeknown to me she was already pregnant. Pudding was one of 3 Kittens born before she got spayed, and I saw him being born, so he holds a special place in my heart. He was the bravest kitten and was first out of the basket, yet has a lovely gentle temprament, which endeared him to me even more! Pudding is 4 years old now and I do hope we have many more years together." Sent in by Lindsey Clark.


"Daisy-May is my world, the centre of my life, my soul mate. We do everything together (except go to Tesco). It's thought she was a bait dog. When she came to me 3½ years ago she knew nothing. Now she is a Gold Good Citizens Award winner and also a PAT dog. She is cheeky, mischievous, clever and obedient, all at the same time. She has a character the size of a house and when I was ill recently, she was the best nurse anyone could have. Who needs a man when you have a Daisy-May!" Sent in by Lynn Freeman.



"I love my amazing assistance dog Elgin, he has completely transformed my life and given me back some independence. I'm a wheelchair user and he helps me with lots of physical tasks including helping me dress and undress, picking up dropped items, fetching the phone when it rings and raising the alarm if I need help. He can even load and unload the washing machine.

Elgin has also taught himself to alert when my diabetes levels drop too high or too low, and to alert a few minutes before a painful muscle spasm. This gives me time to take a muscle relaxer sooner so that the spasm isn't as violent or as painful. The most important thing he gives me though is love, companionship and he doesn't judge me like humans often do. He's incredible, I love him so much." Sent in by Julie Barrett.

"Laika and Gelert are my best friends. We have a special bond and I cherish every second we spend together. They inspire me and have enabled me to explore so much of the most beautiful parts of Wales." Sent in by Andrew Burton.



"Our 4 year old beagle, Gem, passed away in the summer, both us and her beagle sister, Beau were heartbroken. Daisy has come into our lives and is mending hearts every day." Sent in by Beau-Gem Heyes. 



"Blaze has only just turned 1 but he gave me my life back I have autism and ADHD and the day I brough Blaze home at 9 weeks old we noticed he started picking up on signs of when I was nervous, angry or sad. Blaze would lean on me or lick my hands to calm me down.

I never used to go out or speak to people because I would get so nervous about going out. When we started taking Blaze out and a stranger talked to me, he would put himself between me and the person and encourage me to pet him to help me as my doctors and psychiatrists gave up on me. He has never had training as an autism dog he just does it naturally and now I walk with a group of people with other collies, go to training classes and non-competitive agility and get out a lot. To him I owe my life, as he has saved mine." Sent in by Dawn Glennie

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