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John Reflects on ParkZoo Trade Show in Moscow

Published: Monday, September 26, 2016

I've just returned from a Pet Trade Fair in Moscow.  As this was our first attempt to sell there I wasn’t expecting much from it but there was a remarkable response from potential distributors.  They may have been taken by how we highlighted that Burns can be useful in numerous health conditions. 

Or perhaps it was me in my kilt which stimulated the interest?... 

Our young interpreter Yulia was delightful.  She is studying international relations in Vienna and had tried to visit friends in London but was refused a visa.  What is wrong with our Border Agency?  On her second day with us Yulia said she had been reading Gregory’s Blog at home and had found it very funny, as had her parents.  Gregory is set to become an international star.

When I last visited Moscow in 1984 the official exchange rate was 1 Russian rouble to the pound.  There was a shortage of consumer goods; in a market I saw a scrabble over a box of apples.  Now the exchange rate is 84 roubles to the pound and the shops are full of consumer goods and food exactly as in Britain.  If you think your pet food is expensive, I went into a pet shop where international brands were on sale at almost twice the price as in UK shops..

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