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Jo Tristram and her #poweredbyburns troupe!

Published: Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We proudly sponsor dog trainer, seminar presenter and international agility handler Jo Tristram.

As Jo and her dogs have had some fantastic achievements recently, she's kindly shared her news (and some fabulous photos) with us! 

We had a fab time in the Netherlands getting a silver medal! Taking our world agility championship medal tally to 7! This was Bitz's last international as she is now nearly 9 and I want her to go out on a high. 

All of those medals have been won whilst feeding and being sponsored by Burns! So thank you! 

During that time Bitz and I have competed at Crufts and Olympia several times at the top of the agility circuit.

As a pair we have also won other national titles in including UK Agility Masters Series Champion twice and the UK Agility Grand Prix. 

My young dog Tuesday has been coming up the ranks getting to the top level of grade 7 and competing at the UK Agility Grand finals and Olympia on the way up. She is coming into taking Bitz's spot as my number one, gaining some good points for qualification for Crufts and gaining a Reserve Championship Agility Certificate. The future is bright! 


As for Brite... My pup is now 8 months amd continues to grow and show lots of promise. I'm looking forward to training her in the agility game too!


All the best,

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