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Henry and Petes very long walk!

Published: Monday, November 14, 2011

On the 8th of May pensioner, Peter Almond took his Springer Spaniel Henry for a walk… with a difference. They were walking from Land’s End to John O’Groats to raise money for Hounds for Heroes. In the middle of October, some 5 ½ months later they finally reached their objective. 

When Peter contacted us asking for support we offered to provide Henry’s favorite food en-route. To make sure Henry maintained condition and energy Peter worked closely with our Nutrition Advisors and we sent food parcels to drop points along the way. 
Here is a short letter from Peter;
Let me say first, and on behalf of Henry and my wife (and manager) Anna , that what you have done in support of us on our Land’s End to John o’Groats walk this summer was nothing short of tremendous, wonderful.  We could not have achieved our feat of walking 1,237 miles over 21 weeks from land’s End to John o’Groats (‘hey, what about my 7,567 miles?’ says Henry)  without you. 
Henry’s food was ALWAYS there when he needed it, and with those extra little treats that perked up his appetite when he was just too tired to eat.  If there were any faults they were ALWAYS mine – usually for failing to remember where the heck I was supposed to be four or nine days ahead.  
I’ve been asked many, many times how I can carry ‘all that dog food for Henry’ or how often we need to go shopping for it , with the usual jokes about pannier bags for him to carry on his back. We ALWAYS got a surprised and impressed response when I tell them how Burns is making our life so much easier.   And when I say that Burns is a key sponsor for our chosen charity, Hounds for Heroes, well….. 
The British public has been fantastic in their instant donations to H4H, instant love for Henry and in the whole concept of linking Man’s Best Friend to young lads who have been injured in Afghanistan and elsewhere. I can offer no better testimony to this than 11-year-old Arron Burcher, who came up to us on the Finish line at John o’Groats and spontaneously gave me £10 – all his pocket money – ‘for the dogs.’  (see photo). His father later donated £500 and said we had inspired his son to raise much more with his friends next year.  
To date we have raised nearly £11,000 for Hounds which, as you may know, now has a training centre and headquarters near Petersfield, Hants, six pups beginning their training and the organisation’s first full time staff.  
I have to say, though, that I didn’t know much about all this while we were walking.  My focus was on the road or track ahead;  Henry’s was on cows and the biggest mud puddle he could find; and the last thing I had on my mind was how I’m going to feed my dog, my best pal.  
To you all, and to the anonymous ‘Mrs Burns’ of my blogs, Henry and I say a heartfelt ‘Thank you,’  And Merry Christmas! 
Sincerely yours, 
Peter Almond 

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