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Help a Rescue Centre this Christmas

Published: Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas is a time for giving, and animal rescue centres are always grateful for any extra help at this time of year. It’s not just financial donations which can make a difference – there are many ways to lend a hand. With help from Sally Hyman, Branch Chair of Llys Nini, an animal rescue centre based in Swansea, we’ll explain how.

Donate Online

Donating money to a rescue centre is a really effective way to help out. “Financial donations can be gift aided if the donor is a tax payer”, explains Sally.  “That means the charity can claim back from the Government 25p of every pound donated, that makes the donated pound worth £1.25 to the charity, at NO COST to the donor.

“Although a donation of animal food is great, if we buy it ourselves using donated money, it means we can buy in bulk from wholesalers and also reclaim the VAT.”

Your money goes a long way, whether it’s to help pay for new housing, treatment and play equipment for animals, or with the general day-to-day running of a centre.

Centres may have an emergency vet treatment fund - a pool of money reserved to help out people who can’t afford treatment for their pets – and donations will always be gratefully received!

Rehoming an animal

Animal rescue centres care for thousands of animals every year. By offering a rescue animal a home, you’re giving it a second chance. There are always many reasons why an animal has been taken to a rescue – people simply can’t care for them, afford them, or the pet hasn’t taken to a new arrival in the family. You can also care for an animal that the centre has helped recover from an illness or injury.

In terms of price, you’ll pay a little more than at a pet shop, but bear in mind that this amount doesn’t usually cover the cost of the care and treatment that the rescue centre provides.

There are additional benefits to buying a rescue pet. All Llys Nini cats and dogs are health checked, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (or provided with a neutering voucher if they are too young at the time of adoption) prior to adoption. Other species are health checked and treated appropriately.

Lucky is just one of the many dogs looking for a new home at Llys Nini.

Lucky is just one of the many dogs looking for a new home at Llys Nini.


This is a great option if you can’t adopt an animal. Animal rescues may have the opportunity for you to directly sponsor a dog kennel, cat pen or rabbit run, which then provides a safe haven for animals in need.

Whether you can afford a monthly amount, or a one-off donation, you’re making a massive difference. And of course, if the rescue is nearby, you can pop down and see the animal you’re helping, in the space that you sponsor.

Llys Nini’s Safe Haven Scheme participants receive the following in return for their help:

  • their name listed at the centre and on the supporter’s page
  • a certificate detailing the animal space being sponsored
  • regular email newsletters
  • a car sticker
  • a discount card for the centre’s shop 


There are lots of ways to volunteer at a rescue centre. If you love all creatures great and small, you can help out by cleaning pens, walking dogs and playing with ferrets. If you’d prefer something more office-based, why not assist with fundraising and administrative tasks. Even just an hour of a volunteer’s time is invaluable.

As a volunteer, you could spend your day looking after cute kittens like these...

Donate other items

Bedding is readily accepted at rescue centres, although blankets and sheets are preferable to duvets. What animal doesn’t want a bit of comfort from a nice, warm blanket? And even if the blankets or sheets aren’t in the best condition, they can still be cut up for bedding.


Some of the donated items in the Llys Nini laundry room!

Pet toys are also a good gift to donate, whether they’re rubber toys or stuffed animals. Llys Nini has the advantage of heavy duty washers and driers, so everything that’s donated gets a thorough wash!

The charity also welcomes donations to the 8 charity shops they run throughout South Wales. The strangest item they’ve ever had donated was a pair of false teeth!


Follow or befriend your local rescue centre on Facebook and/or Twitter. By sharing or retweeting pleas for a new home for an animal, you might just encourage someone to adopt, even if you can’t yourself. Many rescue centres also hold fun days and fayres, which are always good fun to come along to!

For more information about Llys Nini, visit their website, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter

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