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Full stop. And print

Published: Monday, January 16, 2017

I’ve just written a leaflet about whole grains and how I believe they are so important in health promotion (as I type this blog, it's at the printers).  I’ve finished it more than once and then gone back and changed it again and again. 

Serious writers say they don’t finish anything, they just give up.  The first draft was handwritten in pencil on A4 sheets of paper; then typed out, then fashioned into a glossy leaflet format by Alistair, one of our graphic designers.  As I put my handwritten notes in the bin, it occurred to me that if I were Alan Bennett, I would be archiving those notes for posterity.  Not that the Bodleian Library would want my archives, more like the Kidwelly Library but we don’t even have that any more, thanks to government cutbacks.

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