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Finding a kennel

Published: Friday, March 14, 2014

I am due to go away for a 3 week holiday to see my Sister in Florida, how nice you may all say, but trying to find a suitable kennel has been a nightmare!I called four kennels and asked if they had kennels available and big enough to house both Zak & Gypsy together, all of who said yes, even though I had explained I had a Great Dane and a Terrier. Zak is 36 inches to his back and weighs 70kgs and is very strong, Gypsy is 9kgs, old and grumpy.

The first kennels I rang, no offence, but the elderly lady would not have been able to control Zak. She would have been like a kite at the end of the lead! And I wasn’t allowed to view the kennels until the end of March leaving it late then to book an alternative.

The second kennels were close to the house but had a very small doorway between the inside sleeping area and the outside run which was not suitable for Zak.

The third kennels has had a Great Dane staying with them over the last few years which inspired me with confidence and so I drove the hour and a half to view the kennels. Again the doorway between the sleeping are and the outside area was low but the owner assured me Zak and Gypsy would be fine and would fit in the kennels and so I booked the dogs in. On my way home I began to have my doubts. Was the sleeping area really big enough for Zak & Gypsys bed? Was the doorway tall enough for Zak? If Gypsy got into her bed would she let Zak into his or would he end up sleeping on the concrete floor? She has done this before!! When I got home I contacted the kennels and asked them to measure the door, the following day the answer... 6 inches but they had one kennel with 28 inches. This was no good Zak was 36 inches tall without his head! He would have to bend 8 – 10 inches to get in and out of the two areas with the possibility of scraping his back every time he done so.

Off to the fourth kennels then... This kennel lay out was very much like the third kennels, with a small inside and outside area which really was not big enough for Zak & Gypsy. The other thing I did not like about this kennel was that the dogs were all shut in the sleeping area, how long had they been shut up? Did they get to see the outside area at all or were they cooped up all day? Zak really does need space and so this was not an option either.

Now I am panicking, a few colleagues suggested places but they were full or said their kennels were not big enough for Zak so my last option was a kennel near to work. Unfortunately for years this place has carried a bad name/reputation and so I was reluctant to go but I made the appointment and I am so glad I did!The kennels have different owners and are large enough for 2 Zaks!!! With an exercise area for them to free run. I know there is plenty of room for the both dogs not to be sleeping on top of each other this means Zak will not get growled at or have to sleep on a concrete floor. The dogs are staying there for 4 days over this weekend ready for their long stay in April/May. I am feeling happy and confident that my dogs will be well looked after whilst I am away.

When we took Zak on we knew we were taking on a giant breed but didn’t think that there would be issues trying to find a kennel big enough!?

The first picture shows the sleeping area where Zak & Gypsy were meant to sleep, I don’t think their beds would have fitted in there. It also shows the doorway between the inside and outside space.

The second picture shows the outside area, again really not big enough for Zak and Gypsy.

The third picture shows the kennels they are going to stay at, the beds seen are Zak sized beds which are 48inches and so it shows just how much space they do get and the kennels were too long to fit into the picture at 15’.

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