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Famous People I Nearly Met

Published: Friday, November 4, 2016

This week we attended the Pet Industry Awards dinner where we were joint winners of Manufacturer of the Year.  Chris Barrie, star of sitcom The Brittas Empire was guest speaker but the evening went on too long and we were seated behind an enormous pillar so couldn’t see the stage so I left early before he came on.

On Wednesday we went on to the Living Wage Week event at the House of Commons.  I think I recognised Stephen Kinnock, MP for Neath but he didn’t come to the Burns stand.  Pity as we were the only Welsh company there, (we’re also the only pet related company which is a member of the Living Wage Foundation.)

On the train home I spotted Don Warrington (I think) who was one of the stars of Rising Damp, the marvellous 1970s sitcom starring Leonard Rossiter. I told Rosella who is too young to have seen it. She Googled Rising Damp and the search engine came up with “household problems” which gave me a laugh.

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