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Fabulous Fizzle Comes First at Crufts!

Published: Monday, March 14, 2011

Burns’ sponsored Ann Hennessy and her Jack Russell cross, Fizzle, were in the winning Small Agility Team at Crufts 2011. Here is Ann’s report;

“Crufts was amazing as always and Fizzle was a little star. The semi-finals were on at 8.30am, so a very early start. It was a tricky course that needed careful handling with the tunnel underneath the dog walk at the beginning. The pressure was on! Sadly our first dog was eliminated, the second was clear, the third picked up ten faults then it was our turn. My nerves were in bits! We started well but I overcooked the weave entry and then flinched at the end and we picked up ten faults, but this was enough to secure a place in the final.

The final was in the afternoon and at the team chat we decided that we were so happy to get into the final that we should just go out there and enjoy it. However, just before we went in the ring the adrenaline kicked in and we just had to give it our best shot. The first dog picked up five faults on the A-frame, the second was clear, the third picked up ten faults then the pressure was on me again. Fizzle was a star - she ran her little heart out, was clear and we WON!

I can't tell you how proud I am of this little dog! Only a few years ago she would roll over and wet herself if someone even looked at her crossly.”

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