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Exercising puppies; Insanity; Inflation

Published: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Exercising Puppies
I’ve been asked at what age a young dog can do agility or flyball. It seems that most clubs won’t allow dogs under a year or even eighteen months to take part. Fiona pointed me to a website which says that puppies shouldn’t be allowed to jump until they are a year old nor should they be allowed to weave through posts. I’ve even read in a magazine by someone who ought to know better that puppies less than a year old should be lifted in and out of cars and not allowed to go down steps! 
Can you imagine parents of teenage children being advised that they shouldn’t run, jump or play sports?

The Portuguese government has gone to the IMF for a bail-out and Chancellor George (Slasher) Osborne tells us that this was because their austerity measures (cutbacks) weren’t tough enough. Likewise the Greek and Irish cutbacks. Albert Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.”
Someone should tell George.

George Lansley, Minister for Health, has introduced his shake-up of the NHS, putting control of the budget into the hands of GPs. He claimed that his desire for reform is based on his personal experience of the NHS when he suffered a stroke. He was experiencing severe headache and he had to “badger” his GP to refer him for a scan. You might think that he would have been tempted to take powers away from GPs as a result of that experience. The legal profession call this a “perverse” conclusion.

In Llanelli I bought “The Big Issue” from a seller who wished me “a good week.”  I suppose “Have a good day” is a victim of inflation.

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