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Enough of Experts?

Published: Monday, September 12, 2016

Visitors to this parish (July) may have read my rants about self-proclaimed experts.

In the recent Brexit campaign, Michael Gove claimed that the British people have had enough of experts, [such as himself perhaps? Editor].  A few days later he was quoting experts to justify his Brexit view on our national security. The Daily Telegraph followed up with an amusing article about experts: “Why bother with doctors with their 16 years (sic) training?; Let’s all do our own keyhole surgery.  As for aeroplane crashes, have you noticed that in every single instance of a plane crash, there has been an expert pilot in control!”

Allied to that, last weekend's Guardian had an article by playwright David Hare about the making of his film about Holocaust denial.  If I got the gist of it right, Hare says that historians have the right to interpret the facts, but not to offer opinion as fact. As he says, in the internet age, all are entitled to hold an opinion but that does not mean that all opinions are equal.  Some opinions are backed by facts.

Hear, hear, say I.

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