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Dr. Finlay’s Casebook - Food for Thought

Published: Friday, November 11, 2016

1.)    A few weeks ago when on the Riverwalk in Kidwelly I met a dog walker with a Westie.  The dog had a large wet, inflamed looking area on his side.  Always the one to seize my chance, I decided to offer some advice.  'But he’s already on Burns,' said the owner, - 'Penlan and Mixer.'  That clearly wasn’t working so I suggested a change of food.  Let’s go for the Choice Fish and Maize, I suggested, reduce the feeding amount and keep in touch with our Nutrition team. 

This week, six weeks on, I met him in the Farm shop.  The skin condition is on the mend. 

2.)    A friend in Ferryside stopped me on Sunday.  ‘Your advice is working.’  Her Springer had lost weight, had a soft silky coat and was a bundle of muscle.  This dog also was on Burns and I had recommended reducing the feeding amount.  A wonderful improvement but she still had mucky eyes.  I suggested to my friend that perhaps the feeding amount could be reduced a bit more.  ‘But she’s so hungry.’  The dog weighed 14 kg., and  was on 150 grammes of Burns dry food plus Penlan moist.  I suggested cutting out the Penlan.  ‘But she won’t eat it without the Penlan.  Obviously not so hungry after all.

These two cases highlight that many pet owners are not getting the best from Burns because they don’t seek advice. The Burns Nutrition Team are there to help, to fine-tune feeding or even change the variety to get the best for each individual dog. 

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