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Cost of Burns; wild bird numbers; financial services

Published: Monday, May 28, 2012

Cost of Burns
Looking at some of the reviews of Burns products on our website, I see that some customers rate Burns as good value but expensive. In Pets at Home the other day I noticed a sticker alongside a £32.50 bag of another brand of pet food worked out at 78 pence a day for a 20 kg dog, based on 280 grammes a day.  At £40 -£47 Burns may seem more expensive but the feeding cost for a 20 kg. dog ranges from 55 to 63 pence per day based on 200 grammes a day.

Wild bird numbers
Yesterday’s Observer documents the wholesale decline in wild bird numbers caused by EU Agricultural policy.  The survey by the Pan-European Bird Monitoring Scheme found that Britain is one of the worst affected countries in Europe Draining wetlands, ripping out hedges and ploughing up traditional meadows has resulted in a loss of over 300 million wild birds over the last 30 years.

Put your shirt on
I took the grandchildren to the park after school the other day.  It was sweltering and I took my shirt off.  They wanted an ice-cream so we headed off to the shop.  “Put your shirt on, Bampa, or people will laugh.”

Financial services
Another  week -  another carve-up in what we laughingly call the financial services industry.Facebook was launched on the stock market last week at a market value of some $104 billion! The Independent on Sunday describes the launch as a “financial fiasco” as the shares have lost 18 per cent of their value since the launch. It seems that the prospects for Facebook were looking less rosy and big institutional investors were warned but not small investors. Facebook and Morgan Stanley, the underwriters said “We haven’t done anything illegal.”

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