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Controversy over Crufts winning German Shepherd

Published: Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I’ve looked as well as I am able at the video of the winning Shepherd “Catoria”.  In my opinion the dog has very poor gait and conformation and I fear for this dog’s future.  This problem seems to be widespread in the German Shepherd and in my view the Kennel Club bears a heavy responsibility for condoning and encouraging this. Some years ago, Jemima Harrison’s film “Pedigree Dogs Exposed” caused a huge row and the BBC stopped coverage of Crufts.  At first the Kennel Club tried to defend itself but eventually accepted that reform was needed.  I don’t follow the world of dog showing but I doubt if much has changed.  Once again the Kennel Club is attempting to defend the indefensible.  If you don’t accept that there is a problem, how can you deal with it?

Another problem with the show ring and one I keep coming back to is the issue of overweight dogs. Many people who show dogs complain that the dog will not eat enough and they cannot get enough “body” on the dog to satisfy the judges in the ring.  In many classes a lean dog doesn’t have a chance.  No wonder there is such a problem with overweight dogs. 

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