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Burns Pet Shop is one year!

Published: Monday, December 12, 2011

For those of you that do not know, Burns owns a pet shop in Carmarthen Market and we celebrated our first Birthday this week! YIPEE!

The shop has been up and running for a year and has got busier and busier. The shop is usually run by Richard and his daughter Megan however every Wednesday and every other Saturday they request a nutritional advisor is in the shop, oh and it’s me that got the job!

Having the nutritional advisor days are widely advertised and although at  first I was quiet, more and more people have realised when I am in and I now have a large amount of dogs who come in regularly for weight checks. I also have a few who are just about to hit their target weight – just in time for Christmas and I expect they will put a little back on but hope they don’t! I have quite a few people coming into the shop asking for general advice which is also good.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, if it’s not in the shop we will try and order it in, we carry bags to the customers cars as well as looking after their shopping whilst they continue around the town. We now  have a large number of regular customers so a thank you should also go to them, many of which travel from Pembrokeshire.

The downside of the shop is its position, there is very little public traffic passing the front of the shop and the back of the shop is right at the back of the indoor market. As the shop is still not well known and lots of people who live in Carmarthen, saying they did not realise we were here!!! We like to keep the doors open to encourage people in. Closed doors do put people off and I have seen many turn away even though we are open. However at this time of year there is a very cold wind which blows through if both doors are open and it is extremely cold or as I say bloody nobbling!!!. I think we need a competition to see who can wear the most clothes. I am up to nine layers already and it’s not the coldest part of winter yet!!!!

Kind regards

Becka Hutchens
Nutritional Advisor

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