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Burns' Dinners for Dogs Trust

Published: Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This week we are donating an entire lorry load of Penlan Farm moist food to the Dogs Trust.

This Thursday sixteen pallets of our Penlan Farm range, with a total retail value of nearly £25,000, will be delivered to Dogs Trust, Bridgend. Head Nutritionist, Fiona Campbell, will visit the centre the same day to officially hand the food over to Dogs Trust staff.

Our Operations Manager, Neil Smith, said "Due to a supply issue which has now been resolved, we recently made a batch of Penlan Farm using short-grain rather than long-grain rice. Although the product met our usual high standards and the nutritional value was not affected, the looser consistency which resulted was not popular with our human customers. In light of feedback we decided to donate the batch to the Dogs Trust so the animals in their care could benefit from such a high quality, natural food."

We donate around two tonnes of complete, dry food to animal rescues, search dog teams and other organisations and individuals each month as well as supporting numerous small fund-raising events throughout the country.

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