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7 Amazing Christmas Presents for your Dog

by Burns Team Writer

What Should I Get my Dog for Christmas?

There’s never a better time to spoil your dog than at Christmas. As pet owners, we like nothing more than to open our hearts and our wallets to our beloved furries any chance we get. But while some people are amazing at picking out the perfect gifts for their dogs, the rest of us often need a little inspiration. We called on the nutrition team at Burns to give the ultimate roundup of their favourite gifts for their dogs – complete with cute pics!

1, A Doggy Jumper

“I spotted these lovely jumpers on Dellapop Knitwear on Instagram and had to get one for my dog Amber for Christmas. They are a new business based in the UK have a range of different jumpers for dogs of all sizes. They’re machine washable and really soft and stretchy so easy to get on, even when Amber has other ideas!”

Follow Amber (and nutritional adviser Laura) on Instagram at @Amberstaffx

2, A Dog Staircase

“My ideal Christmas gift would be for a dog that mostly has everything it needs in life but is now into its senior years. It’s a dog that has a bed in every room but prefers the comforts of sleeping on their human’s bed or sofa, of course. It would be a set of pet steps to allow the dog to lounge wherever it likes with ease but at the same time help protect the ageing dogs joints.”

3, The Snuffle Mat

“My perfect gift for Christmas would be a snuffle mat – a new and fun way to send your dog on a sniffari. Dogs don’t need to be fed from a bowl, and getting your dog to engage their brain and work for their food is exciting and can tire them out nicely. A dogs sense of smell is their strongest sense, so it’s time to get them using their nose and sniffing out their supper.”

See the Snuffle Mat Collection from the Original Ruffle Snuffle Company

4, The Famous Kong

“My gift of choice for my boy would be a Kong. It is that one toy that keeps giving from a young pup all the way through to a sophisticated senior. It is a versatile toy that can provide hours of entertainment and enrichment. It can be used as a chew toy, puzzle feeder or even a tool to help support dogs prone to anxiety. The possibilities are endless, so why not see where your dog’s Kong adventure will lead.”

5, The Ballistic Hide and Treat

“Is your pooch a hoover when it comes to food? Would you like it to last longer than it takes to put down? then the Ballistic Hide n Treat is a pawsome choice. It has different pockets to hide tasty biscuits inside. Once you hide your treats inside, you can sit back and watch them play whilst puzzling over how to get inside for the goodies. This is great to keep them busy and can also be used as a fetch toy when closed. It’s also available in different sizes so suitable for all breeds.”

6, A Raised Dog Bed

“Raised dog beds are the perfect way to give your dog the gift of comfortable sleep. Designed to keep them off the floor and fully supportive, they are great for older dogs who may need to stay off cold floors and will provide comfort without restriction. Got a younger dog or puppy? A raised dog bed is still an ideal gift to make sure your canine family member spends their nights feeling warm and comfortable. Most brands come with a variety of toppers too – from plush fleeces to snuggle sacks.”

7, A Perfect Fit Harness

“My ideal Christmas gift would be a perfect fit harness. These harnesses have unrestricted shoulder and joint movement, they’re adjustable in up to five different places and difficult for escapologist dogs to wiggle out of. Monty’s Mum says, ‘With the perfect fit harness, I can keep Monty safe and secure without the worry of any trauma to his neck that would be otherwise caused by using a collar and lead.”

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