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Switching to Burns

With all the great benefits we've mentioned, you're probably keen to feed your pet on Burns straight away! However, a feeding trial is a gentle, gradual way of introducing Burns to your pet.

Feeding trial

1. Change to the trial food gradually. A slow introduction allows a smooth change of intestinal bacteria which minimizes the risk of intestinal upset. If your pet is fit and healthy, you can pick from any of our great products to introduce over 10-14 days. Contact us for advice if your pet is sensitive or suffers from any particular conditions, as we can recommend a trial length and suggest a product.

2. After the introduction, only feed the trial food, nothing else.

3. Make sure you're feeding the correct amount of food to meet (but not exceed) your pet’s requirements. It's really important to get the feeding amount right, as overfeeding will cancel out the benefit of feeding the correct type of food.

4. Regular exercise helps burn excess calories, discharge waste products, improve circulation and provides mental stimulation.

5. Ask your veterinary surgeon to empty your dog’s anal glands. This helps to eliminate waste from the system.

6. All family members must co-operate - make sure they don't feed extras, titbits, treats, table scraps or other food.

All pets are different, so you might need to try a longer trial or a different variety of food. Our nutritionists are always on hand if you need advice.

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