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Puppy | What to Expect At 9-12 Months

Published: Monday, June 19, 2017

At 9-12 months, your tiny bundle of fluff is no longer so tiny. In fact, they’re well on their way to becoming a fully-fledged adult. Crazy, hey?

Your puppy is still likely to be in the mischievous, teenage stage but persevere with the positive training and patience and eventually this should subside. Give them lots of exercise, puzzles, stimulation, training and play time to keep them on track and engage their mind.

If you’ve got a particularly active scamp such as a Border Collie or Golden Retriever, consider enrolling them into an agility class as most clubs will take dogs from 12 months onwards and this is a great way to channel their boundless energy.

Getting their teeth stuck in

By now, your puppy should either have a full set of pearly whites, or be well on the way. Give them plenty of tough chew toys to ensure development is consistent and they don’t opt for chewing the sofa instead.

The 9 month bite-sized feeding bible

Most toy and small breed puppies are ready to advance to adult food at 9 months. Larger breed dogs can stay on puppy food a little longer as they continue to develop.

If it’s time to move onto the adult food then transition over to this during a 10-14 day weaning period. 

Once your puppy has settled onto their new adult diet their food will need to be reduced in line with our adult feeding guide. 

The 12 month bite-sized feeding bible

If your puppy graduated to adult food at the 9-month mark, they should be settled onto this food now and enjoying adult dining.

Those pups that were not quite ready to transition at 9 months will be ready to make the move now. Most pups are 80-100% in size now, and though larger breed dogs keep growing for 12 months, this slows down dramatically over the following year.

From 12 months onwards, our nutrition team recommend 10g of food per 1kg of weight per day. Again, this should be reduced gradually so that they get used to the new portion size.

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