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Pet Sounds

Help your pet relax!

Welcome to Pet Sounds, New Music Created by Burns Pet Nutrition and Pop Star Duncan James to Help Keep Dogs Calm Throughout The Firework Season.

The huge number of new lockdown pups and a lack of displays last year because of Covid mean that millions of animals will experience their first ever fireworks display this November. At Burns, we are committed to helping dogs live happy and healthy lives and this includes their mental health.

Our dog behaviourists have teamed up with the One Love singer and Masterchef quarter-finalist to create music specially designed to help keep dogs calm when the rockets and roman candles are going off.

Dog-lover Duncan, said: “Pet Sounds is a brilliant idea as we know that soothing music can often help to calm our canine friends. I have loved working with the expert team at Burns to create this calming music. I love dogs and have grown up with them all my life so hate to see any animal stressed and in fear.

“We can’t stop the fireworks, so it’s up to all pet owners to do whatever they can to protect their animals. I hope the Pet Sounds will help them do that,”

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