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It's what's on the inside that counts

Since 1993, we have built up an award-winning reputation as a trusted brand for those seeking a natural and healthy approach to pet food.

Our products are intended for all-round holistic pet health and have been developed by Founder and Veterinary Surgeon John Burns for happy and healthy pets.

Simple, Wholesome Ingredients

It’s what’s inside that counts. We focus on using a handful of simple, wholesome ingredients so that your pet can get all the nutrients they need with absolutely no nasties.

Dry Food - Burns Pet

Veterinary Surgeon John Burns pioneered the natural pet food movement in 1993 when he launched Burns Pet Nutrition. At this time, no other healthy pet food brand existed. Today, we are the leading pet food company for pet health management. John is still at the helm of the business and develops all the recipes.


Beef, wheat and dairy are the most common allergens seen in pets. We avoid using these ingredients. We understand every pet’s dietary need is different. That’s why we offer over 10 specialist diets including Weight Control, Sensitive and Free From.

Ethically sourced

Our free range eggs and the seasonal vegetables that go into our wet food come from our very own farm. Wherever possible we use organic brown rice and free range meat that is sourced within Wales.

Great value for money

We focus on using high quality ingredients which means feeding amounts are lower and feeding costs are cheaper than many pet foods.

It is possible to feed a small dog for 42p per day and a large dog for £1.16.

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Making a paws-itive change with Burns

Get in touch with the Burns Health and Nutrition Team for individually tailored advice on the right food type and amounts for your dog. At Burns we work to address pet health conditions brought about by unhealthy lifestyle and especially diet. Drawing on the link between health and nutrition, we developed dry pet food that offers the same benefits for your favourite furry friend as simple home cooked food.

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