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Moulting & Skin Problems in Dogs

Moulting & Skin Problems in Dogs

Many dogs suffer from skin and coat problems which take the form of persistent moulting, obsessive grooming, chewing the feet, balding patches or skin eruptions.

Owners regard persistent moulting as an irritating but unavoidable fact of life which is caused or aggravated by central heating. Central heating is not the CAUSE of excess moulting but may aggravate the problem in two ways. Heat (a) draws toxins to the surface of the body and (b) reduces energy needed to maintain body temperature thus altering the balance between intake and expenditure of energy (this also happens during the summer).

Neutering also reduces the animal’s energy requirements. This reduced energy need tends to create an 'excess' in the system.

Excess moulting, balding and itchy skin all have a common cause, namely, the accumulation of toxic waste in the system which usually results from unsuitable diet. Shedding of hair and skin eruptions show that the body is attempting to expel this burden of toxic matter.

When a high quality natural diet is fed correctly (i.e. not overfed) this can provide the means whereby the body can rid itself of these toxins. This offers a long-term solution to these and other health problems, unlike drugs which temporarily suppress symptoms.

If your dog is itchy or excessively moulting then we recommend getting the anal glands emptied. This can help remove toxins from the body and help the condition improve more quickly.

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