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Itchy Skin Problems

Excluding common allergens can help improve your pet’s skin

Itchy Skin

Dogs are often soothed by natural food free from common allergens.

Fur-ever itching? Itchy skin is very common issues in dogs and can be caused by many things. Symptoms include your dog self-scratching, licking, chewing and biting.

The best approach to managing the overall health of your dog is to choose the right food that is suited to their skin.

Keep things simple. Find a natural, wholesome food diet, high in complex carbohydrates especially wholegrains like brown rice, low in protein and fat and free from additives.

It is advisable that you:

  • avoid beef, wheat and dairy – these account for 70+% of food intolerance in dogs
  • know every dog is different – e.g. one may not suit chicken but do well on duck
  • find a hypoallergenic dog food to suit your dog
  • avoid treats and table scraps – but vegetables are OK
  • It’s important to get the right advice from your vet too to ensure your dog is on the right treatment

The beauty of this approach is that it will help not only itchy skin but in promoting all-round holistic health, not just for any pre-existing problems but help to avoid health problems in the future.

Speak to a nutritionist

You can get in touch with the Burns Health and Nutrition Team on our helpline page for individually tailored advice on the right food type and amounts for your dog. At Burns we work to address pet health conditions brought about by unhealthy lifestyle and especially diet. Drawing on the link between health and nutrition, we developed dry pet food that offers the same benefits for your favourite furry friend as simple homecooked food.

Find out what John Burns advises on itchy skin in his blog.

Tailored for allergies and intolerances

Itchy or sensitive skin can often be caused by food allergies. All our food exclude the most common allergens – beef, dairy, soya, egg and wheat.

Visit our dog food section to see our recipes suited to dogs that want to fix an itch they can’t scratch.

Also see Daily Feeding Amounts.

What would John Burns say?

'There are a number of possible causes of itchy skin and it can be difficult to navigate through them, but correct diet can change your pet’s system so that it does not react abnormally to the normal everyday environment.'

Read John's advice
Read John's advice Read John's advice
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