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Understanding the nutritional requirements of your pet can be a daunting task, but remember, you are not alone. My team of expert nutritional advisors are available online or over the phone. Whether you need in-depth advice on managing specific health problems or simply fine tuning feeding amounts, Burns has the experience and knowledge to help.

Nutrition and Natural Health Care

It is our philosophy that we have control over our pets health through good nutrition. The principles of this belief are -

  • Good health is the normal state.
  • The body will tend towards a state of good health.
  • Healing will take place if it is possible.
  • Acute illness is a sign that the body is trying to heal itself.
  • Chronic illness is the result of failure or suppression of the healing process.

This is actually a positive viewpoint and believes that our health is in our own hands. Conventional medicine by comparison expects problems to develop, considers illnesses to be random and indiscriminate, something over which we have little control. Natural Health Care does, however require us to accept the responsibility for health and wellbeing, but this is not difficult when these principles are applied. If we can put in place the correct conditions the body will do the rest. Here the "correct conditions" mean correct lifestyle of which correct diet is the most important and also the one which is the easiest to control. This is the essence of Holistic Medicine.

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