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Mr Donne's Butterfly Effect Story

How the Burns Pet Nutrition Foundation enhanced wellbeing and happiness for Mr Donne

by Burns Team Writer

Mr Donne’s Butterfly Effect Story

Kim Donne got called in to work on December 12, 2010 – it was the day his life changed for good. Mr Donne experienced a horrific accident and he’d been hit head on by a truck and pushed about 16ft sideways into trees on a riverbank.

The crash turned the family’s lives upside down. It has left Mr Donne with short term memory loss and he suffers seizures as a result of epilepsy.

Since the accident Mr Donne has visited the Parc y Bocs site in Kidwelly where he enjoys gardening with The Burns Pet Nutrition’s Better Tomorrow programme called the Butterfly Effect group – a rehabilitation programme set up by Hywel Dda with Burns Pet Nutrition Foundation – a neurological therapy service which enhances wellbeing and happiness through meaningful activities.

Chris Cray the community project officer of Better Tomorrow said:

“He’s made so many friends and he gets amazing support. It’s something that he looks forward to every week.

Everyone in the group has a brain injury that affects them. It gives them the feeling that they’re doing something useful.”

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