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08th Jul 2020

Burns Dog Food tops the poll in survey of Which? Magazine members

by Burns Team Writer

Out in the sticks in West Wales I frequently made aware of how London-centric the media is. Spokespeople for companies which have been started up by investors out to make money and having been going for 5 minutes are interviewed and invited to share their (misguided) opinions on pet matters.

Call it sour grapes but Burns has been staying the course for 27 years and I have served a 40 year apprentice studying health and nutrition.  But the ones who matter, the pet owners are now having their say. Which? Magazine the voice of the Consumers Association has just published its first ever dog food brand survey in which members’ favourite pet food brands are ranked by customer response.

And joy of joys, we came (joint) top!  The Which? magazine survey said, “Burns dog food impresses with an incredible 92% customer score.  Sitting at the top of our table, Burns comes out first out of 24 dog food brands.”  We would have come out even better if the price comparison had compared like for like;  Burns price was for a 2 kg bag whereas other brands were compared using 12 kg and 15kg bags, making Burns look more expensive to feed than it really is.  The meek shall inherit the earth!

Which? is the a United Kingdom brand name of the Consumers’ Association which since 1957 has been promoting informed consumer choice in the purchase of goods and services by testing products, highlighting inferior products or services, raising awareness of consumer rights and offering unbiased, independent advice.  The Consumers’ Association is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee.

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