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The Hennessy Family

Ann Hennessy and her son, Ryan, share their lives with three crossbreed terriers, Fizzle, Ink and Tippex.

Fizzle (Shandon's Busy Little Fizzy)
They got Fizzle from a Welsh rescue centre October 2008 when she was around eight months to a year old.  The rescue had got this little Jack Russell cross from a dog pound when her time was up so the Hennessy’s didn’t get any real history for her.  Fizzle was very nervous with new people and had no idea how to interact with other dogs so Ryan spent lots of time playing with her and teaching her tricks to help build a bond between them.  They both love Agility and this has really helped  to secure their partnership. 


In March 2010 they started their competing together and went from Grade 1 to Grade 3 in their first season. They have also qualified for Crufts YKC teams and YKC Small Agility finals in March 2010 and the Agility Club Starters final which will be held in July 2011.  Fizzle has also been awarded her bronze agility warrant.

Ann says “Fizzle is a real pickle and, if Ryan drops his concentration for a split second, she will take off round the course following the next dog!  Ryan hopes to continue going up the grades and improve Fizzle's confidence at shows.  At present she is not running with the same confidence and speed as she does at training classes where she knows the people, the dogs and the familiar territory.”

Ink  (Shandons Slinky Little Inky)
Sadly Ink missed a lot of competitions in 2010  due to injuries.  According to Ann, Ink is very accident prone but she has still managed to go from Grade 4 to Grade 6 and has two jumping wins towards Grade 7.   She did qualify for the Olympia semi-finals in 2010 but sadly a family bereavement meant they couldn't make it on the day.  Ink and Ryan have also qualified for the YKC Agility Dog of the Year finals at Crufts.

"She is completely obsessed with agility and will do anything for her ball and a game of tuggy. 


When she is working on the course nothing will distract her.  Once, in training, Fizzle decided that we were exciting and joined us, following Ink over two jumps and through a tunnel.  Next came the weave which Ink completed perfectly while Fizzle ran alongside barking!  Ink's tuggy was waiting at the finish of the weave so they both grabbed it and had a good game of tuggy together.  Ink stayed focused throughout as if Fizzle wasn't there, only noticing her when she tried to grab the tuggy!  My goal for next year is to keep her fit and healthy, to try and reach Grade 7 and also qualify for the Olympia semis and maybe even Olympia."

Tippex  (Shandons Tiptop Tippy)
Tippex turned 12 at the beginning of 2010 so Ann and Ryan decided that he wouldn't do as much competing but just the odd few shows here and there.  As he loves agility so much and it helps with his overall fitness and well being.  They didn't enter any championship classes but continued with junior classes and the odd graded ones.  He managed to get a few placings in the graded classes but did amazingly well in the junior classes.  These tend to be all heights grouped together and he was often the highest placed medium dog. 


Tippex qualified for the International Junior Handler finals at the KC festival in August and also Crufts in the YKC ABC medium agility in March this year.   At his annual check up with the vet they said he was in great condition for his age and they were more than happy for him to continue his agility.

"Whenever we meet people out walking they can't believe his age when I tell them.  He turns 13 in March 2011, so I think we will just see how next year goes.  He may retire from competition agility but possibly keep training over lower jumps to help keep him happy, healthy and fit."