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Bernadette Bay & the Obay Shelties

Bernadette and her husband have been breeding Shelties for over 20 years and many of her dogs have excelled in Agility.  Each “Obay” dog has a terrific tale to tell but the star has to be the amazing little Zen (Obay Truly Balanced) who is from the first litter Bernadette bred in this country.

Zen stands just under 15” (38cm) at the shoulder but small packages can contain great power!  In her first year of agility competition, Zen became the first Sheltie to win the Mini Agility Finals at Olympia (2005).  That year she also competed at her first World Agility Championships in Spain where she put in two clears with the fastest overall combined times of all the dogs from all countries.  In 2006 this tri-coloured action girl moved up to the Medium height division, home to some lightning-fast Border Collies.


This didn’t faze Bernadette and Zen became the first Medium Agility Champion in the UK, one of the youngest ever dogs to boast the title. She competed at her second World and has won almost every major agility final in the UK. In 2010 she won the British Open at Crufts and also won 3 Bronze medals when representing England at the IFCS World Championships.

In between all her activities Zen has taken the time out to produce three litters of beautiful pups. Many of the pups, including Zaz (Obay Its Got Pizazz), have gone on to follow in their mum’s footsteps and are showing equal talent and enthusiasm. After each litter Zen has got back to tip-top shape and at this year’s Crufts, aged nearly 8 years old, Zen will be competing for her 6thyear in a row.

Bernadette says “Agility was originally designed to be fun for the dogs and it shows when Zen comes smiling across the finish line. Agility along with good nutrition from Burns keeps Zen active and fit.”

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