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Virtual Walks

In Partnership with Dog Furiendly

There’s a whole world out there for us to explore and share together and we want you to Lead the Way. Over the next 26 weeks, we’re partnering with Dog Furiendly to put on a virtual dog walking challenge like no other.

Our physical group walks are hibernating until February 2021, but that’s not going to stop our tails from wagging! So polish your walking paws and join our weekly, Lead the Way group virtual dog walks. Continue to social distance, meet new people online, sniff out new places and have fun along the way. That’s not forgetting all the physical health benefits both you and your dog will get by joining in!

So ‘how does this work’ we hear you woof?

Every Sunday Dog Furiendly will host a virtual Lead the Way dog walk from 11am with an alphabet letter of the week. Your challenge for that dog walk, is to find something beginning with that letter and take a photo with your dog in the shot. For example, let’s say the letter of the week was ‘F’ – find some pretty flowers to use as a backdrop for your dogs photo.

Letters will be released randomly every Sunday at 10:30am before each virtual dog walk, spelling out a hidden phrase for you to sniff out. Find the magic phrase at the end of the 26 weeks and you’ll win a big woof worthy, star prize.

The more you get stuck into this tail-wagging challenge, the more chances you’ll have to be our Waggiest Wanderer of the month, winning monthly spot prizes. If you’re on Instagram, tag us in your photos (@dogfuriendly @burnspet #leadthewayatoz). If you’re on Facebook, join our Facebook Group – Lead the Way – and post your photos in the group.

At the end of the 26 weeks, everyone who took part will win a badge of honour from Burns Pet Nutrition and will receive an invite to our BIG Lead the Way physical walk in February.

Not feeling very creative? Download our A-Z Virtual Pack for ideas, and keep your eyes peeled on our social media for more tips and ideas along the way.

Where should I do the virtual walk?

Virtual dog walks can be done at the comfort of your local park, or to explore further afield on a route you’ve been dying to explore. We’ll be sharing some great dog walking routes online over the coming weeks to give you some inspawration.

When do the virtual walks Take Place?

Walks take place virtually every Sunday at 11am. Busy on Sundays? Feel free to do the letter of the week at a time during the week that works best for you.

When is the next letter released?

At 10.30am on a Sunday before our Virtual Walk, we’ll announce the next letter of the alphabet.

Dog Furiendly and Burns