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Official Statement from Burns Pet Nutrition Limited

Published: Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We are sorry to announce that Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd has been the victim of cybercrime.

On 24th October 2016 we received a letter advising us that our server had been attacked and disabled.

We are presently investigating the issue and the matter has already been referred to the Police. We have taken, and are continuing to take steps to mitigate any adverse effects of this unauthorised activity.

Please be advised that sensitive information, such as your credit card information, was encrypted in our systems and should be secure. We will not contact you to request that you divulge any personal information to us. If you receive any correspondence purporting to come from Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd that asks you to divulge personal information please do not respond to it and do let us know that you have received it.

We recommend that you take the following measures to mitigate possible adverse effects of cybercrime: 

  • Change your passwords
  • Keep a close eye on your banking transactions and notify your bank immediately if you notice anything suspicious

We wish to reassure our customers that we are taking this issue seriously.

We are still processing your orders and we apologise for any inconvenience this event may cause you.

You can obtain more information about the above by contacting:

Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd
Ferry Road
SA17 5EJ

Telephone: 01554 890 482

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