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06th May 2020

What Exactly Should I Feed My Puppy?

by Burns Team Writer

Is it any wonder pet parents get confused by what to feed their precious pups?… Never mind all the different brands but there are different life stage foods to consider and when to change.

So, what exactly is the difference between puppy, junior and adult food? This blog looks at the needs of puppy and juniors when it comes to feeding them right. It’s important your pup gets the best start in life, so we’ve put this post together.


What do puppies need?

Puppies grow at their fastest up to 5-6 months of age or when they have reached around 80% of their adult weight. To fuel this growth, they need a higher protein, higher fat diet, with more calories and the right nutrients.

What are 'the right nutrients'?

This is only part of the picture as we need to make sure they are getting the micronutrients in the correct amounts and ratios. We all know that calcium is essential in building strong bones and teeth, but excess calcium is detrimental and can lead to bone and joint issues in the growing pup.

Calcium and phosphorus work together and need to be in the correct ratio optimum absorbance. Omega 3 and 6 are essential for both adults and pups, the ratios being slightly different in a puppy diet.

Large and Giant breeds need to grow nice and slowly and when fed on the Burns Puppy foods the lower protein and fat levels promote this until they reach their potential growth.

When do puppies stop needing puppy food?

Once your pup reaches 6 months and their growth slows down you won’t need to change to a different food designed for a junior, just slowly reduce the amount you offer, which in turn reduces the calories. Burns Puppy diets are designed for Puppies and Juniors.

Most puppies finish their skeletal growth by 11-12 months, smaller breeds even sooner so may be ready to change to the adult food from around 9 months of age. The exception being their Giant cousins which may continue to grow up to 18 months of age.

Just to recap…

  • Puppies and Juniors need a diet higher in protein and fat.
  • Puppies need more than 22% protein and lower than 15% fat as a ball- park figure
  • Puppies need slightly different levels of minerals to adult dogs
  • Adult dogs need between 18- 22% protein and a fat level below 10%.
  • Every pup is an individual, the diet often needs to be tailored.

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