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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I'd Rather Cuddle the Dog Than You

by Burns Team Writer

How much do we love our dogs? This Valentine’s Day, we decided to conduct some research on the very special relationship we have with our dogs. This research revealed some interesting, but not very surprising, stats.

Our research has revealed that cuddling up with the dog (50 per cent) tops cuddling up on the sofa with a partner (36 per cent).

Other fun facts show that pet-loving Brits are more likely to spend Valentine’s Night in bed with their dog than a potential romantic dinner with their spouse.

As a dog-loving nation, more than half of all dog owners let their pooch sleep on top of the duvet at least twice a week, with one in three of them sharing the bed every night.

It seems saying ‘it’s me or the dog’ means you may be out of luck, with over three-quarters of the population saying they would never have a long-term relationship with someone who didn’t like their dog, and a staggering 88 per cent of us feeling that we know what our dog is trying to tell us, with 87 per cent of us wishing our dogs could talk.

In fact, with over 70 per cent of people letting their dogs kiss them (lick their face) we really are a nation who adore our pooches.

The research comes after a year where more people than ever have taken to dog ownership, but also, a record number of dogs have been given up for adoption and re-homing.

We also care deeply about our dog’s health, with vet bills, food and insurance being the highest expense that comes from dog ownership.

We think that it’s really heart-warming to see how much we love our dogs. Our research shows that they’re an integral part of the family and are great companions.

It’s vital we look after our dogs fully, show them love, kindness, friendship and care – via exercise, nutrition and looking after their health.

In fact, when asked who we love the most, our dogs came in at 3rd place behind partner and children, but staggeringly, higher up than our parents and best friends.

It’s seems we cherish our canine best friends, who bring so much to us all.


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