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19th Oct 2023

Keeping your cat safe at Halloween

by Burns Team Writer

With the spooky season just around the corner, you will probably be thinking about costume ideas and pumpkin designs. However, it’s important to take a minute to think about the wellbeing of your furry friend. This time of year can be incredibly stressful for them, with a number of hazards to look out for.

So, before you start decorating your house, make sure that your feline companion is safe and happy.


What are the biggest risks to your cat at Halloween?


Cats are naturally very curious, and will likely want to investigate anything new in their surroundings. Unfortunately, this includes your collection of spooky decorations. Bunting, streamers and fake cobwebs can cause serious health risks if ingested by your cat. Not to mention small pieces, such as fake spiders, that can be a choking hazard if swallowed.


Halloween is all about the sweet treats, including boiled sweets, chocolate bars and chewing gum. However, many of these treats are toxic to cats and can lead to severe health issues. Even the wrappers that these treats come in can be choking hazards.


The flickering flame of a candle can easily catch the attention of your cat, causing them to knock it over. This can not only put your cat at risk of burns, but can also put your home at risk of a fire. Even if the candle is inside a pumpkin, it is best not to leave your cat unattended.


With trick or treaters knocking on your door throughout the evening, your cat can quickly become stressed. The unfamiliar faces and loud noises can be incredibly distressing, and can even cause your cat to go into hiding until the holiday is over.

How to protect your cat at Halloween?

Place decorations out of reach

By placing decorations out of your cat’s reach, you can prevent any accidents from happening. Elevating your bunting, streamers and fake cobwebs can allow you to enjoy the holiday, without worrying about the safety of your feline companion.

Put away any sweet treats

Store any treats in a sealed container, drawer or cupboard. This should prevent your cat from ingesting anything toxic, ensuring you don’t need to make an emergency vet appointment on Halloween. By keeping treats out of their reach, you can ensure a safe holiday for both you and your cat.

Update their microchip details

Updating your cat’s microchip details is essential for their safety. With strange costumes and loud noises, your cat can easily become startled at Halloween. By updating your contact details, you can increase the chances of a quick reunion with your furry friend.

Provide them with hiding places

Creating hiding places for your cat is a thoughtful way of alleviating their stress. Consider placing their favourite blanket in a quiet room, allowing them to retreat to a safe and secure space. This can help them to stay calm throughout Halloween, shielding them from all of the commotion that comes with the holiday.

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