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For The Love of Terriers - A Tribute to all Things Small & Mighty

by Emma Lee

Part of the famed nutritional team for Burns, nutritional advisor and dog trainer Emma has five dogs including a feisty but loveable terrier called Cleo. This National Terrier Day, Emma pays tribute to one of the oldest and most popular dog breed types with a blog that celebrates all things small and mighty!

“I have long been a Terrier lover. Having owned many through the years, I have come to admire their zest for life and fearless attitude. My own little ball of scruff, Cleopatra, is fast approaching her 13th birthday – but she still rules the roost and is currently in command of 4 other dogs. All are greater than she is in size, but certainly not greater in demeanor or attitude!

The original earth dog, the name terrier comes from the Latin term ‘terra’, which means earth. Early terriers were bred to control vermin, and although most terriers are now pets and not working dogs, they have kept a lot of the traits originally desired in the mighty little hunters!

With a spirit, tenacity and sense of adventure that is truly something to behold, their do or die and independent nature will often mean they end up in trouble. Life with a terrier is certainly never boring. I have very many memories of waiting patiently by rabbit holes for Cleo to decide she was done and return to me to be taken home for dinner. Or watching her scramble up a sheer cliff face with the agility of a mountain goat after a seagull!

Endlessly energetic, these determined and stubborn dogs are not for the faint hearted. They are full of spirit, are often seen as having an attitude problem and are always a force to be reckoned with. Share your home with a terrier and you will likely never need a doorbell again – as sounding the alarm is a specialty!

If you do decide to welcome a terrier into your home, then your life will truly be blessed with many adventures. If you are patient, love the outdoors, are willing to stand your ground and be firm but fair with your training, then you will have a loyal and fun-loving companion for many years to come. Just remember that these dogs are driven and love to dig. So you’d better get some fencing around those flower beds…”


A Mini Bio for a Mighty Pup


Name: Cleopatra Tallulah Lee

Nickname: Maria

Favourite Snack: Hot Dog sausages

Favourite Toy: The ball that treats fall out of

Favourite Thing to Do: Swim after ducks and give my Mum a heart attack

My Mum’s Favourite Thing About Me: Without me my Mum would have never become a dog trainer. She tells me I am the most special of all dogs

How I Came to Live with my Mum: I was part of an unwanted litter. My Mum already had an old spaniel and she told me that she wanted a dog she could take on long walks, so she rescued me. But I think I rescued her really


by Emma Lee