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Cat Napping!

by Burns Team Writer

Cap-napping: Are you killing your neighbour’s cat with kindness?

Statistics, from research recently undertaken by Burns Pet Nutrition, has revealed that millions of the nation’s domestic cat population are leading double lives!

The survey* found that almost half (43%) of all pet lovers with a cat living nearby confess to secretly feeding it behind the owner’s back, and more than two-thirds (68%) of those buy cat food especially for the cat.

Eating out

The foods fed to neighbours’ cats include;

  • Tuna (23%)
  • Cow’s milk (20%)
  • Human food (19%)

With over half of Brits (51%) feeling an attachment to a neighbour’s cat, and one in ten people treating it as their own, moggy owners are right to be concerned.


Feeding a neighbour’s cat can have serious consequences


Your cat’s greedy dining habits could lead to problems, with owners already concerned about the following;

  • Overfeeding (33%)
  • Being fed something poisonous (38%)

Potential allergies

John Burns MBE, founder of Burns Pet Nutrition, said: “It is understandable that many cats chance their luck for extra food but that doesn’t mean we, as neighbours, should be feeding them.

“We are unaware of any potential allergies that cat may have, and it may be on a strict diet. For example, one in five people feed a neighbour’s cat cow’s milk unaware that most cats are lactose intolerant so this can make them ill. Many human foods can disrupt a cat’s tummy too.”

Cat lover Anne Edwards, of Chelmsford, Essex, said: “Our moggy Archie is a big boy at almost 7kg and has an appetite to match. He’s always hungry.

“Our neighbour doesn’t intentionally feed him, but Archie’s been caught on more than one occasion nipping in through their cat flap and pinching their cat’s food.”

How to satisfy a hungry cat?

To curb your cat’s instincts of looking for food elsewhere, it is important to ensure that they’re fed a nutritious and balanced diet at home.

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Protein power

The added protein ensures that even the fussiest and most avid cat explorers will be satisfied. The natural cat food recipe is complete with all 11 essential amino acids, taurine for health eyes and heart, and is free of common allergens such as wheat, beef and dairy.


Don’t be a naughty neighbour

Our advice is to avoid feeding any neighbour’s cats and not to get too attached, so you aren’t encouraged to entice the cat back with food.

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* The survey, by Obsurvant, took place in July 2023 and surveyed 2,016 pet owners.