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18th Jan 2017

7 Ways to Get Fit with Your Dog

by Vicky Bassett

Obesity is a large problem with pets. In fact, 54% of vets consider a lack of exercise to be the main contributor. This is closely followed by too many treats and being fed food intended for humans. Even if your dog is currently a nice weight there are still great benefits to getting fitter.

Team up with your prized pooch and tackle healthy resolutions together:

#1 Go on a longer walk

Add an extra loop onto your usual walk or take your scamp somewhere new! There are an abundance of dog walking apps including Map My Dog Walk which are available for download. Apps like these track how far you have walked, how many calories you have burnt and give you ideas for new local walks.

#2 Get social

Struggling to get motivated? Team up with another dog walking buddy or arrange a group walk. The website Meetup allows you to search for existing dog walking groups across the world.

#3 Pick up the pace

Go running! After a 2 mile run, this writer’s dog is just as exhausted as she would be after a 5 mile walk.

#4 Give agility a go

Agility is great for both the dog and owner and you will forget you are even doing exercise as you will be concentrating on getting around the course instead of all the running you’re doing. Don’t fancy agility? There are so many different hobbies you could take up with your dog that will get you both moving. A few of these include: Heelwork to Music, Scentwork, Working Trials and even Obedience Training.

#5 Take your dogs breed into account

Some dogs love running long distances whereas others would love to have a go at scent work. There’s something for everyone and their dog.

#6 Be safe

As with all exercise, remember to warm up your dog before exercise and cool them down at the end. Also, check your dog at the end of each session for abrasions and injuries.

#7 Remember you are what you eat

As with humans, if your dog needs to lose weight their diet will be an important part of this. Change to a low-fat food and swap high calorie treats for vegetables or some of their kibble. Remember, with any training classes keep high value treats to a minimum. If your dog will work for a toy, use this as a reward or even some of their kibble!

For tailored help and advice regarding helping your dog to lose weight, call our Nutrition Team on 0800 083 6696 or email

by Vicky Bassett

I started in Burns in 2007 and I have worked in various areas of the company. I have been on the nutrition team for 4 years and I love helping people with their nutritional queries, being office based has also given me time to do several courses such as Canine Anatomy and Physiology.